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Lamentations of the Cherry Blossoms
Byakuya leaned on the railing of the Koi pond, something out of character for a man of his strictness, pondering what he had seen earlier that day. "Kurosaki Ichigo… Always, your words find a way to cut through my defenses…" He admitted in a soft tone.
"What kind of brother says that he'll kill his own sister! Even a monster shouldn't say that!"
As a way of understanding and preparing for the future, the captains had been shown tapes made out of Ichigo Kurosaki's own memories – And for simplicity's sake, they had begun watching from the point where Ichigo Met Rukia, continuing onwards to see the very beginning of the substitute's career. He had cared little himself, but watching these tapes was mandatory for the captains, so he sat through Ichigo's first days as a shinigami in quiet boredom, watching him first obtain shinigami powers from Rukia(grudgingly impressed at how far he would go to save his own family) and gaining the resolve necessary to do the work of a shinig
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Bleach: Light and darkness Chapter two
Bleach: Light and Darkness
Chapter 2
Rangiku Matsumoto hurried to her captain's office, a stack of papers in her hand. "Captain Hitsugaya, are you there?"
"I'm still on duty. Of course I'm here." Her captain replied brusquely. "Why, is there some trouble?" The captain asked. Rangiku nodded, handing her a stack of papers. "so this… Tsubasa… gained shinigami powers from one of our seated officers… fought a hollow… Interesting, He'll prove a good officer when he comes to soul society." Captain Hitsugaya finished his trail of thought. "He seems an interesting person, at least.".
"Yes, and the fact he had the capability of doing that to a huge hollow with such a potent ability… impressive." Matsumoto agreed. Hitsugaya seemed to wish to continue conversing, but suddenly, the air seemed to constrict in her throat.
"Matsumoto… did you read all the way through the report?" The captain finally said, in a cold manner. "No, Captain, I didn't. I just skimm
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Mature content
Bleach: Light and darkness Chapter one :iconagentaaa:agentaaa 2 3
Naruto: The new chronicles:ch4
Naruto the New Chronicles
Chapter 4: Almost a Ninja
Disclaimer: I don't own, pretend to- aw screw it, you guys know I don't own Naruto. Give credit to Masashi Kimimoto and whoever it is that makes the Japanese anime of Naruto. Not 4kids, their adaptation can suck my-(Stops before the censoring filter goes up)
Sona woke up in his bed, unsure of how or when he got there. The last thing he could remember was passing out at the ramen shop. "Man, I still cant believe those eyebrows" Sona idly mused about Maito Gai "No one could get eyebrows like that normally, he must have used some weird jutsu or-" Sona stopped his soliloquy to investigate the note he found in front of him. "Sona, you are going to report to Kakashi at the training ground today at 10 A.M. He will spend the next month teaching you jutsu."
Sona did an air high five "Cool, I get to learn some ninja techniques finally!"
The note continued "By the way, to keep your body from deteriorating, Tenten left a small list of instruction
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Naruto: The new chronicles:ch3
Naruto: the new chronicles
Chapter 3: A new beginning
Sona sat on top of the futon Naruto had loaned him, pondering the days events. Until today, he had just been an ordinary kid leading a rather horrible life. That all changed when Mr. Kashi, the storekeeper who Sona had gotten his manga from, gave him a strange new Naruto book entitled Naruto: the new chronicles, which had teleported him to a different world when he opened it. When Sona had awoken, things moved incredibly fast for him, and he had watched a group of ninjas attack him, only to watch them by defeated by Naruto and Sakura, his idols from the Naruto manga, who had been sent to protect him. After a day of battle, and new worlds, Sona was too restless to sleep well. Sona reluctantly lay down, and after much tossing and turning, managed to fall asleep.
Sona looked up with bleary eyes, noticing a poster above him saying "kick Sasuke's butt" with a crude caricature of a black-haired child. Sona smirked, and chuckled softly to
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Haikus of mine
Green skin and black eyes
Tempting me with great savings
The Geico gecko
Three races fighting
for their very survival
this is starcraft 2
Gods of the machine
Lords of The electric world
Known as programmers
Thrust into a new world
Filled with magic and conflict
Sona's journey begins
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The gathering forum script
First script of the gathering project
(stars denote that I have some comment about that particular phrase, word, or sentence.)
( as well, I have yet to decide on a final title, and I think that should be a forum decision.)
(scene begins with a view of a grassy forest. The camera then zooms out to reveal it as a picture with a metal frame. The camera zooms out more, and it show that is  on a pile of junk, on a conveyor belt, heading into a trash compactor. Two hands reach out to grab the picture. The hands are silver, and metallic. The camera angle changes to show A silver robot, holding onto the picture and looking at it. In the Background, you can see the rest of the junk go into a tunnel like chute. Another silver robot,  simpler looking than the first, with dents and scratches, walks in.
Silver robot #1: predecessor! I didn't hear you come in.
Silver robot #2: I told you not to call me that in private, E. In private, just call me D.
E*(silver robot#1): I'm pretty
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Naruto: The new chronicles:ch2
DISCLAIMER: I don't own, pretend to own, or pretend to pretend to own Naruto. It is the fine work of Masashi Kimimoto. This is just a tribute to his fine work to entertain the few people who will read it.
Sona awoke to see a pink-haired girl, her face looming over him. She wore a red dress, with a white circle on the bottom of it and another circle on the back off the dress, near the top. She wore a pair of tight shorts underneath the dress, with bandages wrapped along one leg. The Bandages held on to a small pouch, with a small button clasp.
" Am I in heaven, or are you the angel sent to take me there" Sona asked, weary and a little delirious. The pink-haired girl giggled" you're still alive, don't worry, but you shouldn't move excessively, or you'll aggravate your injury". "I'm injured?"  Sona questioned "I can't remember-" suddenly, a loud yell was heard," come back
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Naruto: the new chronicles:ch1
DISCLAIMER: I don't own, pretend to own, or pretend to pretend to own Naruto. It is the fine work of Masashi Kimimoto. This is just a tribute to his fine work to entertain the few people who will read it.
"I still can't believe they split up" said Sona. He had had a bad day so far, his parents announcing their divorce and then asking him…no, pressuring him to come with them, and to forget the other parent entirely. Both mom and Dad had a slew of reasons why it was the others fault, and why he'd be better off with him or her instead.
He'd seen this coming for a while. The constant fighting, the yelling, and the arguments that rapidly got physical. And then they would come up to him and pretend everything was fine, thinking he was still 6 years old and that he still believed daddy's knife slipped or mom banged her head on the coffee table. They didn't really care about him any more, so consumed in fighting with each other. Since he wa
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Discord Contest : Rosalina # 4 by Kyon000
Mature content
Discord Contest : Rosalina # 4 :iconkyon000:Kyon000 60 1
Ginyu In Kale Finish by Nyve17 Ginyu In Kale Finish :iconnyve17:Nyve17 25 6 Soul bee marisa by ChaosOverlordZ Soul bee marisa :iconchaosoverlordz:ChaosOverlordZ 208 19 commission -  Lunar Empire by Rosvo commission - Lunar Empire :iconrosvo:Rosvo 334 18 Mystery Mushroom - Zero Suit Samus (TG) by Sera-fuku Mystery Mushroom - Zero Suit Samus (TG) :iconsera-fuku:Sera-fuku 332 22 MTT!Frisk by BillCiphersPuppet MTT!Frisk :iconbillcipherspuppet:BillCiphersPuppet 41 11 Bunny Winter and Weiss Schnee. by ZainKyugo Bunny Winter and Weiss Schnee. :iconzainkyugo:ZainKyugo 1,211 37 COMMISSION: Totally RWBY by jadenkaiba COMMISSION: Totally RWBY :iconjadenkaiba:jadenkaiba 1,660 93 Tatsumaki Cosplay by XJKenny Tatsumaki Cosplay :iconxjkenny:XJKenny 159 18 Alexia got big by Neikou
Mature content
Alexia got big :iconneikou:Neikou 236 30
AJ Lee Zero Suit Samus Cosplay (Prize) by TFLOVER28 AJ Lee Zero Suit Samus Cosplay (Prize) :icontflover28:TFLOVER28 95 16 Ignorance is Bliss by codynakamura Ignorance is Bliss :iconcodynakamura:codynakamura 44 6 HFFI - Momma CR[]C by PainfulElegy HFFI - Momma CR[]C :iconpainfulelegy:PainfulElegy 76 7 Jaina Lich Queen by Katfromrivia Jaina Lich Queen :iconkatfromrivia:Katfromrivia 27 3 Lich Queen Jaina by WOWdkTVDdamon Lich Queen Jaina :iconwowdktvddamon:WOWdkTVDdamon 7 0 Temptation by kawacy Temptation :iconkawacy:kawacy 7,384 102
Firstly, I'd like to thank :iconkaytheyatagarasu: and :iconbanshee32: for allowing me to join Swapuary. If you can't tell I'm Ruby Rose.
So, for a while I've posted next to nothing: I'm planning on changing that soon. Other than a couple requests I'm now working on, I've started a fanfiction for League of legends(Which until just now was on unofficial Hiatus) and also on the lore for a mod project that can be found here:

Command and Conquer:  The Forgotten Chapter

I'm doing the lore and basic story to it, and am one of the people working on short stories to support it. Combined with College, this is what's been sucking up most of my tie.

As for my LoL Fanfiction, it can be found on my fanfiction account, which is:… here, but I'm planning on importing the chapters here soon.
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